Measuring and Perfect Sentences!



This week we worked hard to measure materials in pounds, ounces, and grams. We also continued our focus on writing perfect sentences by starting with a capital letter, ending with punctuation, and including a subject and predicate! We have gotten very good at using every minute of our short weeks but we are so excited to have a 5 day week next week! This coming week, we will begin our “normal” schedule. The students will receive new spelling words on Monday and take their assessment on Friday. The Journey’s reading comprehension assessment will fall on Fridays as well.

The students took their first Journey’s comprehension test this week. That test came home in their red folders today and I do not need it back. On the test you will see that the students were assessed on the weekly reading comprehension strategies, vocabulary words, grammar and phonics skills we studied. We work on these skills in a variety of ways like whole class games, independent and group literacy centers, and in small groups with the teacher. Next week the students will read a nonfiction piece called My Family and read poems written about families. We will work on comparing and contrasting story elements and asking questions as we read to check our comprehension.The students will continue practicing writing complete sentences and learn how to identify incomplete sentences. We will practice words that contain the short “o”, “e”, and “u” sounds. Our new vocabulary words are: Remembered, porch, crown, spend, stuck, visit, cousin, and piano.

The students were assessed today on words containing the long “i” and short “i” sounds. You can find their graded assessments stapled in their planners. Please feel free to take these out as well as any old spelling lists. Next week, the students will study words with the long and short “o” sounds, like envelope and crop.

We are continuing our first writing unit on selecting strong ideas and supporting them with details! Next week, we will continue working on adding interesting details into our work and we will focus on sticking to one topic when we write.

Below the students are practicing writing perfect sentences by making Autumn themed comic strips!

IMG_6079 (2)IMG_6080 (2)

Here the students are partner editing paragraphs they wrote about their favorite things about Fall.

IMG_6071 (2)IMG_6072 (2)IMG_6074 (2)


This week we worked on fact families and subtraction. The students learned that if they know 3 + 7 = 10 then they already know 10 – 7 = ? and 10 – 3 = ? A fact family includes the two addition and two subtraction facts you can create using 3 numbers. For example:
3 + 7 =10
7 + 3 = 10
10 – 7 = 3
10 – 3 = 7

The students also practiced measuring objects using pan balances, spring scales, and bathroom scales. We learned that bigger objects are often measured in pounds and smaller objects are measured in ounces or grams. We know there are 16 ounces in a pound, so an ounce is much smaller. We are collecting food packaging to study the different ounces, grams, and pounds listed!

Here, some of the girls are filling up a bag with objects to watch what happens to the spring scale.

IMG_6078 (2)

Below, some of the students are using their hands and the pan balance to determine the different weights of objects.

IMG_6067 (2)IMG_6065 (2)IMG_6069 (2)IMG_6066 (2)IMG_6064 (2)