Myths, tragedy, water proverbs and emojis!

Hi all! What a fabulous week it has been in the 4th grade!

We are thoroughly enjoying our Jacob’s ladder reading curriculum. This week, we read the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. We learned how the brave Theseus volunteered to fight the Minotaur, and won, with the help of Princess Ariadne, who was madly in love with him! What you see here is our dramatic interpretation of the story. Can you guess who is portraying a very sad Princess Ariadne? Here she is travelling to Crete with Theseus, while being chased by King Minos’ soldiers, who are clearly pretty angry! King Aegeus is on the lookout for his son, Theseus…and the Minotaur has been slayed. What makes the story a tragedy? Ask your children! 

In Science this week, we shared our Water Tracking results that were collected over last weekend for homework. We looked at all the ways we use water and sorted them into categories on chart paper, to be looked at again at a later date! We used our senses to explore water in its different states, using at a cup of water, ice and a vaporizer. At the end of the week, we created posters to illustrate different water proverbs, which are now on display in our classroom. 

We began reading Holes, by Louis Sachar, this week. We are three chapters in and totally HOOKED. 

As a whole-class reward system, we are collecting emojis! When we have 10 emojis, the class will choose a reward. This can be anything from extra computer time to a special lesson they would like to be taught. We have one emoji so far, but the children are very motivated to collect all 10. I’m sure they will let you know how they are doing!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Shabbat Shalom!!

DN x