February 1st -5th 



In reading, we have continued to practice our sight words.  We have been using chunky monkey to break bigger words apart and to read with our reading partner and enjoy our stories together.  The children have been learning to compare how the characters of their books change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story.  They have also looked at the words the author choses to describe the character to help the reader understand the personalities of the characters. 



The children are learning to measure using non standard forms of measurement.  They first learned to compare with estimation; and we practiced using the various heights in our classroom.  Then, we moved on to learning how to measure by using different units of measurement.  The children learned to measure using math cubes, paper clips and other objects.  They learned the importance of using the same unit size each time and why, and what unit would best suit the object we are measuring.  The children are also learning about subtraction and problem solving why we start with a large number and the concept of why the number gets smaller when we take away (subtract). 

I have also introduced the concept of money this week.  The children are very excited because we are setting up a role play area where the children will be able to practice using money to complete tasks related to money in the “class store”. 



This week writing has been an adventure! The children are very excited to start their own imaginary stories.  We have been learning how to create the characters for our story and thinking about the personality we want the character to have and how to write that into our book.  We are learning about how to open our stories and to hook the reader into our stories to keep them reading more.  We continue to work on our conventions of periods, capitals and now exclamation marks!  The children love using those 😊. 


I hope this weekend is a great one for all of you.