Kindergarten Newsletter

Week of 8/30/21


This week we continued to review and learn our classroom routines. The students have been stellar at remembering their voice level and working in teams. Both kindergarten classes were asked to plan a habitat for our classroom pet Archie. They worked as a team to plan on paper what the perfect habitat would be.  They will soon take this plan and create a diorama. We would love it if you could send in shoe boxes, toilet paper roles, small cardboard cylinder-shaped containers, or anything you have around the house that you think would work great for a hamster habitat. Thank you for your help!

We have officially started the writing process. Each class was asked to draw a detailed picture of what they did this past weekend. The students were asked to draw realistic pictures meaning that they use backgrounds, realistic people, and colors. Along with writing, we talked about what a great reader looks like. They have done an amazing job looking at pictures, using books gently, and building their reading stamina. During math, we have been exploring the math manipulatives. Students have started to create patterns, and explore basic counting, and number identification.

Students are learning a new morning greeting, “Brown bear, brown bear…” to say hello to each other. For example, “Miss Bird, Miss Bird who do you see? I see Mrs. Makowski looking at me.” And then it repeats until we greet each classmate! This is a great way to start our mornings on a positive note and ensure everyone feels welcome.

The Kindergarten Team