Noach’s Tayva

While the students are learning all about taking care of pets with Ms. Otte, in Judaica we are learning about the man who probably took care of the most pets ever at one time.  I am talking about Noach (Noah) of course, when he loaded all those animals into his Tayva (ark) to stay safe from the Mabul (flood).

Our dramatic play center has been turned in to a mini Tayva, with animals for the children to care for and feed.  


I invited the students to bring in stuffed animals from home to join the fun.  Please label any animal that your child brings.

Shabbat books are coming home today.  Please add the title to your child’s book log and return on Monday.

Judaica folders and Teacher-Parent communication notes will come home on Monday.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone next Friday (November 4th) for the Challah baking party!