November 10-14

This week the students read a biography about Dr. Seuss. It was our weekly Journeys story and it focused on questioning and text and graphic features. We are learning how to use pictures and words to help tell a story. On Monday we “celebrated” the 50th day of school by thinking about our future and what we will be like when we are 50 years old. In writing workshop we wrote stories about our futures! Some of us want to be chefs while others want to be Monkey Farmers!! It was entertaining to read the stories and see how they envision their lives in the future.

On our field trip we visited an old school house as well as a country store, a doctor’s office and an assay’s office. The docent was very impressed with the first grader’s prior knowledge on the subject matter. They asked thoughtful questions and were very well behaved.

alma note taking

Alma taking notes just like she had practiced in class!

country store 2

Inside the Country Store.

country store

Heading in to the Country Store.

lindsey mirror

Lindsey and Cornelius looking into a mirror in the Country Store

noga lever

Noga is working hard to pump the water out!

school house

One Room Schoolhouse!