November 14-18

Well, we have already reached the end of the first trimester! I cannot believe it. The year is flying by and I am so proud of the growth I am seeing from our little ones. In math they have been exploring measurement and different units of measure like yard sticks, pan balances, tape measures and thermometers. 

The students also had a good time voting for CJDS student council and for America’s candidates. The kids were so into it and know more about politics than I ever did at their age! 

In reading workshop they have been learning about cause and effect, possessive ‘s, parts of speech, open and closed syllables and long vowel patterns. In writing workshop we took a short break from our animal reports so that we could write about someone in our lives who we are thankful for. The stories are adorable and on display on the bulletin board in the hallway outside our room. They will be there during conferences so you will be able to read them before or after our conference.

I will see most of you next week for the conference. Have a great weekend. Shabbat Shalom!  

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