October 15, 2014

Next week we have a few things going on.  We will launch our Project Based Learning for the first trimester.  I have given the kids a sneak peek into what we will be covering.  This trimester it is dealing with Colonial Times.  If there are any parent experts or historians that have some insight to share on this topic please let me know.  I can find a way to use your knowledge to help in the classroom.

On October 20th, we will be visiting the Book Fair as a class.  You are always welcome to attend after school during this week to select books for your child.  I have provided Beth Pesakoff with a classroom wish list.  If you can donate to the class library that would be awesome.

October 23rd is Picture Day!!!!  Always a fun dapper event for the kids.

Yesterday we were in charge of our preschool friends for a few hours and we played games and built sukkah cookies.  This was a sticky fun time for all.

Monday we were honored with an assembly and entertained by some wonderful jugglers.  So much fun everyday at CJDS, I wish I had gone to a school like this when I was young.


Thank you Parents for attending Monday night’s Soccer Sukkah party, we had a great time.

Sukkot 029 Sukkot 032  Sukkot 012Sukkot 013