October 21

We have not been in school that much since my last post but we have been busy and having fun!! Over the past two weeks the children have been reading a fictional story called “A Cupcake Party”. Within this lesson the children have been learning about visualizing while reading and also organization and story structure. In phonics they have been practicing with beginning and ending blends such as st, str, sl, bl, nd and mp. In writing we are also talking about organization and the importance of having order to a story. This week we just started our research reports on animals. The children will write a research based non-fiction story about an animal of their choice. They started by looking through some animal books and choosing an animal they wanted to know more about. They thought of questions they would like to know about that animal and are going to learn how to take notes and organize them so they can turn those notes into informational text. In math we have been learning about measurement. We have talked about standard forms of measurement (rulers, yard sticks, tape measures, etc.) and we practiced using those tools to measure different objects around the room. We also discussed non-standard units of measure such as your own feet, crayons, paper clips and Popsicle sticks. We talked about why it is so important to use standard forms of measurement so that everyone gets the same measurement even if they are not using the exact same tool. The children practiced using their own feet to measure the length of the hallway. We compared our counts and discussed how different they were which was a good example for them to see why we don’t use non-standard forms to measure things.  We also ate in the Sukkah this week and shook the lulav with Morah Donna.  I will include some pictures from throughout the week. Enjoy and have a nice holiday weekend again. 🙂 

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