October 23, 2020


After two weeks of compiling notes for their president projects, the students have begun crafting the scripts for their videos. This task requires them to sift through their notes and determine which information is important and interesting. Next week, as we continue this project, the students will study the “author’s purpose” for writing. For example, they will look at one of John F. Kennedy’s speeches and determine if it was written to entertain, persuade, or inform. The students will have many opportunities to practice this skill with text written at their level.


This week, the students studied words that contain the short “e” and “o” sounds. Next week the students will review how to spell words containing the short “u” sound and where “y” acts as a vowel. The students are also practicing applying these skills when they read and write.


The students are publishing their writing by fixing mistakes with capitalization, spelling, and end punctuation, and then copying their work in their neatest handwriting. Now that the students know how to pick strong ideas for their stories, it is time to focus on writing stories that contain a beginning, middle, and end.

Daily Language Instruction or D.L.I.

The students are learning how to create strong sentences. This week they focused on verbs or action words. Next week, they will continue these skills and study more capitalization rules.


The students are already working on their third math unit! In unit three, they will read, write, and compare numbers from 0 through 999. They will review place value or the meaning of each digit in a number. For example, 824 contains 8 hundreds, 2 tens, and 4 ones (this skill becomes very helpful when they begin adding and subtracting larger numbers!) The students will review adding money and telling time and learn how to collect and analyze data. In this unit, the students will learn that the median number is the middle number in a data set. They will also be introduced to the mode (most popular or frequent number) and range (the difference between the largest and smallest number in a data set.) Next week, as part of their presidents project, the students will learn about the electoral college and how to add up electoral votes! 

Social Studies with Mrs. Jaydn

In Social Studies the students are finishing up their community project. The students paired up and were given a specific community to design. Next week, the students will discuss geography and landforms.