October 26-30

This week the students read a story about Dr. Seuss. This genre was a biography and students learned that when a story is written about another person’s life, it is called a biography. We talked about text and graphic features such as captions, bold print, photographs, charts and maps. In this particular text we saw captions, bold print and photographs. We learned that Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat was his first big hit! We also learned that Dr. Seuss is still a big hit today because everyone in our class has heard of him and has read at least one of his books.

We also continued to work on writing and sticking to the main topic. Some students are getting really good at this and it’s fun to hear them read their stories aloud. Others are still learning how to provide details to support their topic. During the “peer conferences” I teach the children to listen to each other’s stories and provide feedback. They tell each other what they liked about the story and what they wished they had learned from the story. Learning about questions the audience still has can help students figure out what good details are and why they should be included in their story.


Questions to ask your 1st grader about this week:

  1. What is an antonym?
  2. What is a plural noun?
  3. What was Dr. Seuss’s first Big Hit? Can they name some of the hits after The Cat in the Hat?
  4. How much is a dime worth?
  5. How was school different in the colonial times?
  6. What would you like about living in colonial times?

I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. 🙂


Shabbat Shalom.