Oh Class Class!

The students voted on student council president, vice president, and second grade class representative this week. After listening to speeches, and considering their votes carefully, the students were very excited to cast their votes! Congratulations to our Class Representative Evan!

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We have finished our first reading unit this week on neighborhoods and communities! All of our stories from unit one revolved around neighborhoods, schools, and the characters’ lives in those places. Today, we sorted all 40 of unit one’s vocabulary words into nouns, verbs, and adjectives on our word wall. I am encouraging the students to use these strong words in their writing. Next week, we will take our unit one assessment and then begin unit two which centers around nature! We will read the nonfiction story “Building Homes” and the play “Hiding at the Pond.” We will learn how to study the text and the graphic features. The graphic features are any headings, charts, graphs, pictures, illustrations, etc. that help the reader better understand the text! We will also be looking at how the author’s word choice helps us better picture what we are reading in our “mental movies.” Our vocabulary words are beaks, break, deepest, hang, pond, shaped, winding, and branches. We will look at the prefixes re- and un-. In grammar, we will continue to study plural nouns (for example children, mice, and moose.)

Here are students sorting singular and plural nouns.

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We worked on vocabulary strategies on our Smartboard this week!photo 4

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Our beautiful, published stories are hanging on our hallway bulletin board and we have begun a new writing unit! Now we are going to focus on organizing our pieces so that they have a beginning, middle, and end. The students will learn how to grab the reader’s attention by writing a strong lead and how to focus on one big idea at a time. As always, the students are encouraged to reread their work and check for capital letters and punctuation.

Here are students practicing their editing skills.

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We are very proud of our stories!

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This week the students reviewed words with the short “a” and short “i” vowel patterns. Next week the students will study words that end with the letter y.

This week in math class we learned how to use the change diagram and the parts and total diagram. Both of these diagrams are tools that the students can use to organize their thinking to solve math problems. In Mrs. Felter’s math class the students also studied temperature this week. Next week the students will continue working on temperature and estimating cost.

We have one more full week and then the students will have a week off for parent conferences and the Thanksgiving holiday. Stay warm this weekend everyone! 🙂