Our First Full Week!

We have had a full week with many beginning of the year assessments!  We have also introduced some of the curriculum we will be using this year.  Wednesday we began our first math unit on geometric figures.  On Thursday I introduced our Write Traits unit.  We will start the year working on the trait Ideas.  We talked about the importance of having a strong main idea and supporting details in our writing.  We also compared and contrasted a strong Ideas writing piece and a piece that needed more work.  On Friday we began our first reading unit with the story Thank You, M’am by Langston Hughes.  Next week the students will receive their first spelling list to study and Daily Language Review page.

Of course Wednesday was a highlight this week!  I loved the cards from the students and the bottle of sparkling grape juice from the parents.  Thank you!

Below are a few pictures from today’s Cyber Kids class.  Each group picked their robot and began building it today!

CyberKids 007 (640x480) CyberKids 008 (640x480) CyberKids 009 (640x480) CyberKids 010 (640x480) CyberKids 011 (640x480) CyberKids 012 (640x480) CyberKids 014 (640x480)