Our first homework!!

[su_slider source=”media: 9036,9037,9035″ width=”340″ height=”260″ responsive=”no” title=”no” centered=”no” class=”float_right”]Shalom Kitah Aleph families,

I would like to give a shout out to Morah Rochel Vorst for doing such a good job preparing the students to be ready to learn to read in Kitah Aleph.  So many of them not only finished the work that was assigned this week, but had time to complete a project.  The project was to put together a little book that they will be bringing home to read to you this evening.

What amazing artists I have in this class.  Overheard comments:

“Where is my magenta?  I had it yesterday.”

“Can I use one of the puppets to make sure that I get the color of their clothes right?”

Look at a few of my students sharing their books.

Shabbat Shalom Kitah Aleph,

Morah Donna