Our Model Seder!

Wow! What a grand Seder we had!

Your children were dressed in their holiday best and it added so much to the Seder spirit.

Of course the pillows were a very authentic addition!

However, nothing was as special for me as watching your children participate and be engaged in every step.

The 15 steps of the Seder were divided among the students and at the appropriate time they had their turn to lead that special step.

Yes, Kitah Gimmel is well prepared to “lead” any Seder that they will be attending!

Enjoy the pictures I managed to take!

Shabbat Shalom!

The table is set!

So are the candles!

Reciting the Kiddush!

Presenting Urchatz (the second step)!

Presenting the next step:   Karpas!

Maggid: the grand invitation!

The Mah Nishtana!

What do we do when we come to “Motzie”?


Maror presenters!

Korech – time for the Hillel sandwich!

Introducing Shulchan Orech – the festive meal!

Eifoh Ha’afikoman? Where’s the Afikoman???

Presenting:   Next year in Jerusalem