Our Virtual Tour Update!

Kitah Gimmel is very much enjoying our trip to Eretz Yisrael!

Here’s a glimpse of what our most recent “trip” looked like!


One of Rechovot’s claims to fame is the world renowned Weizman Center for Science named after Chaim Weizman, the 1st President of Israel and a world class scientist.

We dressed up as “Madanim” (Scientists) and visited the “mabadah” (science lab.). We enjoyed some science experiments using dry ice as well as walking water!

What fun!

Enjoy the winter break! See you in 2016!

Walking water experiment. Will the water really walk from cup to cup?

The Scientist are wondering… Will the water walk from cup to cup?

2 Hours Later…



Look at how all the cups have water now!

Look at how all the cups have water now!

Experimenting with Dry Ice!!!!!




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