Parashat Lech lecha and our stars

Shalom Kitah Aleph families,

First of all I would like to thank all the families who sent in pictures of the students labeling items in your homes with the flash cards that I sent home last week.  I appreciate it and I love the idea that the students see Hebrew words when they look around even at home!  Remember those cards are a gift from me so keep them!  Here is the video I put together of the students who shared how they did this activity at home.

Secondly this week we studied the Parashah (weekly Torah reading) of Lech lecha.  The students learned that Avraham was promised many children even though he didn’t even have one.  G-d told him that he would have as many descendants as the stars in the sky.  We had lovely discussions in class about “who are these children?” and I loved the moment when they realized that Jewish children today are those promised children who are as many as the stars.  To remember this, the students made stars with their names on them and I hung them from the ceiling.  They will stay here until the end of the year.


Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Donna