Parsha Post

Parshat Chayei Sarah

The “Semel” (symbol) for this week’s Parsha is a Water Pitcher.

The “Kesher” (connection) to the Parsha becomes obvious when we learn about Eliezer’s (Avraham’s trusted servant) mission to look for a wife for Yitzchak. Eliezer knew he must find a kind person. He prayed to Hashem to give him a sign. The girl who would give him and his camels water would be the one who does “gemilut chasadim” acts of kindness and is worthy of being Yitzchak’s wife.

The “Messer” (lesson) for 3rd graders to take home is the importance of always reaching out to others and add to our “Gemilut Chasadim” (acts of kindness)!

Shabbat Shalom!