Parsha Post!

Parshat B’shalach

We are already in the 4th Parsha in the book of Shmot. I’m amazed by how well your children are retaining the information that we learned and applying their knowledge to the new Parashot we are learning.

Although I haven’t posted each Parasha, we did review them all in class. This week we will focus on the current Parsha, B’shalach.

The “Semel” (symbol) for this week’s Parsha is a musical note together with a Siddur (Prayer Book).

The “Kesher” (connection) to the Parsha becomes obvious when we learn about B’nei Yisrael’s miraculous exodus from Egypt. When Pharoh and his armies came chasing after the Jewish People, Hashem split the Sea for them. Once they crossed over safely to the other side and witnessed the Egyptians defeat, they all joined in a song of gratitude, then the women led by Miriam, brought out their tambourines and burst into joyous singing and dancing.

The “Messer” (lesson) for 3rd graders to take home is to remember the amazing miracles Hashem performed for us as a nation. As a matter of fact, this song, “Shirat HaYam”, is included as part of our daily prayers.

Shabbat Shalom!