Parshat Hashavua – Bereishit

The time we have been waiting for has finally come: we started learning Parshat Hashavua this week!

We learned about how Hashem created the world, Adam and Chava in Gan Eden and the snake.

The children are bringing home a blue parsha workbook and a parsha sheet. The sheet is a guide for you what to review with your child.

The main purpose of the homework is for you to have nachas (Jewish Pride) and for your child to shine. Please keep it a stress-free review!

Note: we do not always fill out all the pages related to the weekly parsha, but we do discuss them. Your child does not need to fill out the missing pages.

Both the workbook and the signed sheet need to come back to school on Monday. Children who bring their homework back on time get rewarded.

Shabbat Shalom!