Pen pals letters have arrived!

Our pen pals letters have finally arrived from the students at the Atlanta Jewish Academy! Students were so excited to learn about their new friends and see a picture of who they’ve been writing! Ask your child about their pen pals- each student has two different kids.

Third graders are doing wonderfully in Taekwondo. The instructor was encouraging the kids to do more sit ups this week to beat their record from last week- and EVERY student was successful! She stressed that setting goals is essential to success and each kid was challenged to set three goals; one in school, one at home, and one for anything else in life. It was suggested to write the goal on a post it and place on the fridge so they can be reminded daily of what they’re working towards. I’d be curious to know if anyone did this at home!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the spring-like weather!CIMG2171 (640x480) CIMG2172 (640x480) CIMG2173 (640x480) CIMG2174 (640x480) CIMG2176 (640x480) CIMG2177 (640x480) CIMG2178 (640x480)