Pesach Day Celebration

CIMG2265 (640x480) CIMG2266 (480x640) CIMG2268 (640x480) CIMG2269 (480x640) CIMG2270 (640x480) CIMG2271 (640x480) CIMG2272 (480x640) CIMG2273 (480x640) CIMG2274 (480x640) CIMG2275 (480x640) CIMG2276 (480x640) CIMG2277 (480x640) CIMG2278 (480x640) CIMG2279 (640x480) CIMG2280 (640x480) CIMG2281 (480x640) CIMG2282 (480x640) CIMG2284 (480x640) CIMG2285 (640x480) CIMG2286 (640x480) CIMG2287 (640x480) CIMG2288 (640x480) CIMG2289 (640x480) CIMG2290 (480x640) CIMG2291 (640x480) CIMG2292 (480x640) CIMG2293 (640x480) CIMG2294 (480x640) CIMG2295 (640x480) CIMG2296 (640x480) CIMG2297 (640x480) Mariashi and the Judaica teachers arranged a wonderful Pesach Day celebration for the whole school. Take a look at all of the fun activities we participated in at the model Seder!