Pesach Day

Yesterday CJDS had Pesach Day and many exciting activities were planned by our wonderful Judaica teachers and staff. Students first listened to Ms. Debbie Block read The Passover Parrot while using props to accompany the story. Next, students participated in MATZA! This was a game of BINGO, but students were covering pictures that went along with Pesach and Passover themes. All the pennies collected on the board went to tzedakah. Then, kids were able to make their own Charoset! There were many different types, and your kids chose which ones they preferred, and sliced, chopped and mixed the ingredients themselves. Take a look below at our pictures.

Also, our caterpillars are growing like weeds! They’re huge compared to the size when they first arrived. We anticipate by the end of next week, they’ll be in their chrysalis stage.  

Shabbot Shalom! See you next week!