Pesach Expert Projects

The mitzvah on Pesach is Vehigadeta Levincha – to teach the children. Being that there is so much to learn, the students were divided into 5 groups. Each group became an expert in one aspect of Pesach. They then taught the other students what they learned. Below is a synopsis:


Calendar Comandos

Leah, Nechemya and Noga gave us an overview of all the important days related to Pesach. They made a large calendar poster and gave out smaller copies to each student. They made an adorable 3D version of the splitting of the Yam Suf which took place on the 7th night of Pesach. To check for understanding they created a matching game of dates and their significance.



Chametz Busters

Chana, Adlai and Liat gave us a definition of Chametz: Chametz is leaven – any food that’s made of grain and water and been allowed to ferment and rise for more than 18 minutes.

They showed us a brochure of their cleaning company which helps people get rid of their Chametz by selling or burning it for them. They conducted a classroom search for Chametz and gave everyone a Chametz maze and Chametz Busters sticker. Their 3D item was a Chametz burning scene.



Seder Waiters

Miriam, Yardena and Shmuel gaev us some very practical advice what we need to get the Seder table ready. From Seder plate items to silverware to dessert, their handout will be useful for anyone getting ready for the Seder. They even put up a sample menu! Their 3D set table was beautiful. They left off the Haggadot because, as Miriam explained, at their Seder everyone gets to choose which one they like to use from a large selection, so they did not put them on the table yet.

To check for understanding they had their classmates compete in a Set-the-Seder-table game. It was close!



Step up to the Seder Plate

Leah, Penina and Shakked taught the group what to do at each of the 15 steps of the Seder. Their movie showed them acting out each step while the poster showed an icon for each one. Everyone got a handout with the 15 steps and what to do to take home.

They created a 3D scene of the step Tzafun – where we eat the hidden afikoman. In this version the matzah is quite large so it is easy to find. Afterwards the students were divided into two groups and each group was given a box with cards with different seder steps on it. They took turns taking out a card and explaining what needs to be done at that step.



Storytellers Inc.

Hayley, Gavriela and Levi told everyone the story of Pesach in different ways.

They acted out a skit of Moshe by the Burning Bush and Hashem telling Moshe to go to Pharaoh. They made a 3D Burning Bush for it.

For the Ten Plagues they gave out a page with a description of the Ten Plagues as well as a fun song to go with it.

They made a poster depicting the first Seder in Mitzrayim where the Jewish People were ready to leave with their shoes and belts on and their walking sticks in their hands.

Everyone got a word search with words and names from the story.