Pesach is Coming!

We began the week with making our very own matzah!  We are saving it to eat in class when we learn about that part of the Seder.

The Matzah Bakery

Adding the water.

The flour man.

Rolling the dough into circles.

Poking holes in the Matzah.

Ready for the oven!

The finished product!

We also discussed how we know if a product is Kosher for Pesach.   If you take your child grocery shopping, it would be wonderful if you could spend a few minutes at the Kosher for Passover aisle and help your child find the Kosher for Passover certification on a product or two.  The best stores for this activity are Glieberman’s, Harris Teeter, and Publix.  

Judaica folders are coming home today.  There are only a few sheets of Aleph Bet work etc. as the Purim art projects came home in time for that holiday, and the Pesach items are still in progress.

Please sign the parent teacher communication note and return it with the empty folder on Monday.

Shabbat books are coming home today as well.  Remember to record the title on your child’s book log. Please return on Monday.

As you can probably imagine, we are working hard to memorize the four questions so we can recite them at the Seder.  Here is a wonderful tool your child can use to help with practice.  Be sure to select “Standard” text and “Israeli” pronunciation from the drop down menus.!343744/v567