Please send in Family Photo

Hello Parents,

What a great start to our new school year!  The children have begun to learn to recognize their Jewish names, and to explore our classroom.  Please enjoy the pictures of your little students!

IMG_2067 (640x480) IMG_2068 (640x480) IMG_2069 (640x480) IMG_2070 (640x480) IMG_2072 (640x480) IMG_2077 (640x480) IMG_2078 (640x480)

We are beginning to work on a class book and I need your help!   I’d love to include photographs as well as the children’s drawings.


Please email me a family picture.  You may send it to




If you happen to have the following photos stored on your computer, I’d love to have them as well:


  • A picture of your house.
  • A picture of your child outdoors, such as at the beach, the mountains, or at a park.
  • A picture of your child doing something active such as ballet, tae kwon do, or soccer.  (They don’t have to actually be doing the activity, even wearing the costume or uniform would be great!)
  • A picture of your child snuggled up in bed.


Thank you for your help!




Shabbat Shalom!

Morah Rochel