The entire school is in Purim spirit!


We learned the Purim story in much detail, ask your child to share (some of) it with you!

We learned about the mitzvot and customs of Purim. They are easy to remember because they all start with the letter Mem:

MEGILLA: We listen to the Megilla once at night and once during the day of Purim. We make noise when Haman’s name is mentioned.

MATANOT LAEVYONIM:  We give gifts (of money) to at least two poor people on the day of Purim.

MISHLOACH MANOT: We give at least two ready to eat foods to at least one friend on the day of Purim. The best way to do it is through a messenger. In class we made mishloach manot packages to give to a classmate on Purim. At the assembly today we played a fun RIGHT-LEFT Purim game to determine who will give their package to who. In the backpack there is a note about it. If you are not able to deliver teh package on Purim, please have your child bring it back to school on Monday so we can give out the last ones.

MISHTE: We enjoy a festive meal on Purim afternoon

MEVARCHIM AL HANISSIM: During Tefilla and benching we add the paragraph of Al Hanissim to thank Hashem for the miracles He has done for us and continues to do for us.

MASECHOT VETACHPOSOT: Dressing up on Purim is a custom because even Hashem was in disguise during the Purim story. Still Hashem made everything turn around – venahafoch hu!

OZNEI HAMAN: Aka Hamantashen, a custom to eat throughout the day on Purim!

Purim Sameach!!