Purim week!

Hello parents,

The kids are all excited to come to school tomorrow in their creative Purim costumes! Reminder- tomorrow is a noon dismissal and the kids do not need to bring a backpack. A wonderful spaghetti and meatball lunch will be provided to all! There is no homework tonight in honor of Purim. However, I still highly encourage you to have your child read for 30 minutes (daily).

Next Monday, we will begin our new science unit on sound energy. The sound unit builds on the natural curiosity children have about the world around them and encourages them to investigate the sounds that permeate their lives. We will investigate sound transmission, vibrations, pitch, and even design our own instruments.

Regular spelling will resume next week. We had a couple weeks off because of the overnight field trip and then this short week of Purim. 

Third grade has begun our last trimester of ELA with the William and Mary curriculum. The guiding theme of this unit is change and how it affects all aspects of our lives. Soon, we will have caterpillars growing in our classroom as a fun way to observe change. The baby/toddler pictures have been so much fun to see- I love them all! A final writing piece in this unit is a cohesive, persuasive, five paragraph essay. Be prepared for your child to try out their persuasive techniques at home, too! 🙂 

Math is focusing on extended multiplication and division facts. If your child is still working on the automaticity of the basic facts, I would suggest practicing for a few minutes nightly. There are many apps and games that reinforce the facts, or just basic flashcards. Sushi Monster is a simple app that is fun and engaging to assist in learning the multiplication facts. 

I’m working on getting the Atlanta pictures onto a CD to send home with the kids. I know they’d love to share their trip with you!

Happy Purim!