Purim was a lot of fun! Everyone was dressed up very nicely and the judge had a hard time deciding who to choose as a winner.

We got to do all the mitzvot all together as a school.

Enjoy these pictures:

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This afternoon we were treated to a special visit from Aviva Cantor, a CJDS graduate who wrote a book “I Can Understand”. The autobiographical story is written from the perspective of Aviva’s brother, Jeremy, who was handicapped and mentally disabled. The book explains his special needs through their unique sibling relationship, which promotes love, acceptance, and understanding.

She told the children a little about what CJDS was like when she attended. Aviva then read her book to the group and a meaningful discussion followed. Aviva gave some suggestions how to act when we see a person with special needs that we don’t know:

  • Be polite, say hello, smile, ask what their name is
  • Hold the door open for someone with a wheelchair or walker

It was a meaningful end of the week.

IMG_1349 IMG_1350 IMG_1351 IMG_1353

Shabbat Shalom!