Reading Responses

Hello fabulous families,

This blog update is dedicated to information about our second grade reading responses. Thank you for all of the excellent support you are providing the students with at home! Our CJDS homework is designed to reinforce skills previously taught in the classroom. If you ever have any questions about homework, please don’t hesitate to email me!

Each night the students should read for 20 minutes from a book written on their independent level. All students should know their reading level and I can remind them if they aren’t sure. The students may bring home books from school to read or read a book of their own. The students can also do their daily reading on the Razkids website. The password and login for this website is located on the inside cover of their planner.

After reading the students should write a reading response and put it in their white reading notebook. We are practicing responding skills in class and you can see your child’s work behind the “In Class Reading Response” tab in their notebook. The students are encouraged to write 5 or more sentences responding to their book. They have a list of response topics in their notebook and we will be adding more ways to respond to books soon. Next week, I’m going to show the students how to record one weekly response on the Kidsblog website.

Each Friday, the students will pick one response that I will grade. The students have a reading response rubric in their notebooks. You can use this rubric to see how their work will be evaluated. I will be walking the students through the process of using a rubric to assess their work as well. We are still in the learning process of the reading response notebooks and students’ understanding will grow as the year continues. I am very impressed with their effort at home already! ๐Ÿ™‚

Next week we will complete our work with the reading strategies and skills, and spelling words that we began this week. In math the students will work on finding rules that guide number patterns and counting strategies for subtraction.

Our first library trip has been scheduled for October 22nd! More information will come home soon.

Here are a few highlights from our week!

Mathematicians playing “Name that Number!” Wow they had some deep thinking!sukkot week sukkot week2 sukkot week5sukkot week3

During literacy centers, we played a Questions vs. Statements game!sukkot week4

Writers hard at work adding details into their pieces. The room becomes silent while the writers are thinking! ๐Ÿ™‚

sukkot week6


Have a wonderful Sukkot with your families!