Reidsville Overnight Trip

We had an amazing trip to the Besty-Jeff Penn 4h Center! The students learned about predators and prey, hiked around the beaver pond, played team building games, watched the camp guides perform in a campfire show, roasted marshmallows, studied bugs and insects in a creek, observed artifacts from the Suara Native Americans who once lived in the area, and slept in cabins ! I was very proud of the students for taking risks and trying new things on our trip!


Next week, the students will focus on making inferences based on clues the author provides in the text. For example, in our new read aloud chapter book, Kenny and the Dragon, Kenny’s father came home very upset and told his wife and son that they were moving! After noticing that neither the wife or the son seemed bothered by how upset the dad was, we inferred that he behaves this way all the time. The students will work on making inferences in the books they read and in stories in our Journeys reading curriculum.


This week, the students worked on words that contain preconsonant nasal sounds (like the “n” you hear in skunk and belong.) Next week, the students will study multisyllabic words (like April and grandmother.)


Today, the students chose their favorite part of our overnight trip to use as the topic of their next story. The students are focusing on choosing strong verbs like trudge, dash, gobble, and demolish. They are also working on including sensory adjectives to describe things, like big, black, smelly, rubber boots!


This week, the second grade math class completed a measurement challenge. They went all over Shalom Park hunting for specific items to measure in inches, feet, and yards. We measured traffic cones, locker doors, the brick mailbox at the JCC, and we even measured the height of Mrs. Barbara! The students have studied that there are 12 inches in each foot and 3 feet in each yard. They have begun looking at the metric system as well and measured objects in millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, and meters. This math unit will also cover capacity and the students will learn about cups, pints, quarts, gallons, milliliters, and liters. The students will review ounces, grams, and pounds and study distances in miles and kilometers.