Rosh Hashana Opportunities

The last two weeks have just whizzed by as we prepare for the High Holidays that are coming too fast. Our hands are sticky with honey, we listen to the daily blowing of the shofar and we’re busy exploring pomegranates.
On the serious side, though, Rosh Hashana is coming and it is one of my favorite times of the year. As most people in my synagogue will attest, I’m not an avid shul goer. Shabbat is my time to decompress, chill and reenergize myself for the coming week. Right or wrong, I miss out on the times where I can connect with G-d through communal prayer. But, on Rosh Hashana I love to immerse myself in the prayers, Torah readings and songs. It literally feeds me for the rest of the year.
We teach the children that in addition to Rosh Hashana being the birthday of the world, it is a time to reflect and make resolutions to do better, it is also a time for the coronation of our King, Hashem (G-d). The child in me still visualizes an awesome coronation with all the splendor that accompanies it. The adult in me is in awe of how insignificant we are.
At the same time I am reminded of who is in charge of the world and to whom we have to ultimately account for our actions. Although we know that we have free choice and as we make our way through our days, we and we alone have the ability to choose right from wrong. But, at the same time we know that G-d is in control and provides all kinds of opportunities which we call Divine Providence to strengthen us and help us grow. This message is a gift for our children. The world we live in, as cool as it is, is harried, frazzled and challenging. The peace of knowing that there is someone up there in charge, someone that cares, someone that will support us when we think we can’t go on anymore and someone who cries and rejoices with us is immeasurable. That personal relationship with G-d will stay with our kids throughout their life.
Although we know that everything G-d does is for the good, I have a personal request this year that what he plans for us should look good to us, too. With wishes for smiles, unity and peace for all of us in the coming year.
Ktiva Vachatima Tova, L’shana Tova,