September 2, 2016

Hello parents,

Third graders are working hard! This week, we delved into our Jacob’s ladder curriculum and learned the importance of restating questions when formulating answers. Students also began the Write Traits writing curriculum and got to be the teacher, grading sample student work. Additionally, the kids completed their first weekly spelling test- and EVERY SINGLE student received a 100%! This is a record! 

On Thursday for morning meeting, Hayley brought in a beautiful piece of pottery. Liat showed us her new football card collection. Cornelius showed us a butterfly he found in his driveway and we discussed why it’s important to not touch the wings of a live butterfly. Cole showed off his large Pokemon card collection and taught me what the numbers mean (these are foreign to me!). Shakked created his own Pokemon card- using his baby sister’s picture! 

Next week, we’ll begin reader’s response homework. The kids will have a notebook that comes home nightly for the response. I give the prompt to the kids, and they’ll write it in their homework planner. Reader’s response notebooks are due by Friday. Since we have a short week coming up, they will only be doing 2 entries (Tuesday and Wednesday). Thursday, I will assign KidBlog once again. The kids are LOVING KidBlog- they are adorable. 

Be well and enjoy the long weekend!CIMG2425 (480x640) CIMG2426 (640x480) CIMG2427 (640x480) CIMG2429 (640x480) CIMG2432 (640x480) CIMG2433 (480x640) CIMG2435 (480x640) CIMG2438 (480x640) CIMG2439 (640x480) CIMG2442 (640x480) CIMG2443 (640x480) CIMG2444 (640x480) CIMG2445 (640x480) CIMG2446 (640x480) CIMG2447 (640x480) CIMG2448 (640x480) CIMG2449 (480x640) CIMG2451 (480x640) CIMG2452 (480x640) CIMG2453 (480x640) CIMG2454 (640x480) CIMG2456 (640x480) CIMG2457 (640x480) CIMG2458 (640x480) CIMG2459 (640x480) CIMG2460 (640x480)