September 8-11

Challah baking, spelling tests, math centers, OH MY! This week we are still testing but I am slowing introducing regular school year activities, such as math homework, spelling tests and math centers. Our spelling pattern this week was short a. Students that mastered the basic CVC pattern on their pre-test got new words that were a bit more challenging. I included some word with digraphs and blends at the beginning and end. This will a little practice test to see how we do and to get the students accustomed to weekly spelling tests. I want them to get in the habit of studying every night for their spelling words. In class we practice different spelling activities that they can do at home too. Morah Donna set up challah baking for  us and we had a blast! On Friday we took our first “official” spelling test. I wanted the students to get some practice doing this since they administer the tests to their partners. They did an OUTSTANDING job with this routine. We also took a practice Journeys test as a whole group. After we read our weekly Journeys story we get tested on vocabulary, comprehension and phonics.

Since it was drizzling during our recess time we had indoor recess. I have some videos that I use for indoor recess. They are called “Adventuer to Fitness”. They are fun videos and educational videos that keep the kids moving throughout the entire video! The kids love it! I don’t require the kids to do this though since recess is their free time. I told them they could color, do the fitness video or just relax and play with a friend in the library. Students chose their activity and had just as much fun inside as they do when they go out!


The I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! Shana Tova!

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