September 8, 2017

I hope that everyone stocked up on their water, bread, milk and eggs….I will be stopping by for French Toast this weekend….  Seriously, I hope that everyone is prepared for what is to come in the next few days.  Many of us have family in Florida and we all wish them to be safe through this horrible event.  I have been answering several questions from your kids about the hurricane and I am trying to answer them as honestly as possible without causing alarm.  Hopefully, we are out of the path but please remain informed and updated on any changes.  Make sure that you are connected to the HyperNotice text system that we use at the school to relay information about school schedule changes and possible closings.  As of today, there are no changes to our school days next week.  Safety is always a concern, so please know that everyone’s situation is different and you will make that decision based on your family’s needs.  I hope that everyone has a safe weekend and I hope that all of our extended families and relatives remain safe as well.