Shabbat Parsha Post!

Parshat Vayishlach

The “Semel” (symbol) for this week’s Parsha is a Siddur (Prayer Book).

The “Kesher” (connection) to the Parsha becomes obvious when we learn about Yakov’s return trip to his birth place after his long stay with his Uncle Lavan. As he prepares for his meeting with his brother, Eisav, his messengers, whom he sent ahead to spy on Eisav, come back with a report that Eisav is on his way to “greet” him with 400 soldiers. Yakov first turns to Hashem and thanks Him for all the good that He has done for him up to this point, i.e. blessing him with a beautiful family, lots of wealth etc. Only after expressing his gratitude does Yakov ask Hashem to save him from his brother Eisav.

The “Messer” (lesson) for 3rd graders to take home is to always remember that whenever they turn to Hashem for help, they must first thank Him for all the good that Hashem has already given them and then they can continue to ask Him for their needs.

Shabbat Shalom!