Shana Tova!

In Kitah Bet we are getting ready for Rosh Hashana. We reviewed what items we need to get ready, like apples and honey, round challot, etc. But this information is surely not new to our students! We have also learned the reasons behind the symbolic Rosh Hashana items. Ask your child why we eat pomegrante, round challah and apples dipped in honey. Why do we need a special machzor to say tefilla on Rosh Hashana, isn’t a regular siddur good enough? We also learned that more important than preparing the foods and the other items is to rpepare ourselves. We need to think over our deeds of the past year and make amends. More about that after Rosh Hashana.

Next week we will explain what the most important mitzvah is on Rosh Hashana: you guessed it – listening to the shofar! Ask your child to tell you the story of the boy and the bell…