Stone Farm Visit!

What an experience we had today at the Family Farm of the Stone family of CJDS! To start off our visit, kids were instructed to “go catch a chicken!” Look at all of our wonderful photos and smiling faces! CIMG1613 (640x480) CIMG1614 (640x480) CIMG1617 (640x480) CIMG1618 (640x480) CIMG1619 (640x480) CIMG1620 (640x480) CIMG1622 (640x480) CIMG1623 (640x480) CIMG1624 (640x480) CIMG1625 (640x480) CIMG1626 (640x480) CIMG1627 (640x480) CIMG1628 (640x480) CIMG1632 (640x480) CIMG1633 (640x480) CIMG1634 (640x480) CIMG1635 (640x480) CIMG1636 (640x480) CIMG1638 (640x480) CIMG1639 (640x480) CIMG1640 (640x480) CIMG1641 (640x480) CIMG1642 (640x480) CIMG1643 (640x480) CIMG1644 (640x480) CIMG1645 (640x480) CIMG1646 (640x480) CIMG1648 (640x480) CIMG1649 (640x480) CIMG1650 (640x480) CIMG1651 (640x480) CIMG1653 (640x480) CIMG1654 (640x480) CIMG1655 (640x480) CIMG1656 (640x480) CIMG1657 (640x480) CIMG1659 (640x480) CIMG1660 (640x480) CIMG1661 (640x480) CIMG1662 (640x480) CIMG1663 (640x480) CIMG1664 (640x480) CIMG1665 (640x480) CIMG1666 (640x480)