Student Council

Student council primaries were held on Friday! Six viable candidates rallied for the spot and presented multiple reasons why we should choose them as our class representative. Reasons ranged from promising to get a class pet, extra computer time, game day, extra art time and more. Students prided themselves on admirable character traits such as being hardworking, dedicated and friendly. Ultimately, the class voted and narrowed the pool of candidates down to two students. Congratulations to Mia and Annie! They will now rally for the one coveted seat to represent third grade! 

One goal I have for third graders, as readers, is to branch out beyond the typical books they would pick. For example, if a student is always picking non fiction, I will encourage them to try a fantasy book. If a student loves science fiction, I will try and sway their book selections to something different, like realistic fiction. It’s easy to keep picking what is familiar. We will try and explore all genres of books in third grade. We are currently reading poetry, and many kids were pleasantly surprised that poetry can be funny and is not always serious. We are also wrapping up the book ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’, which delves into the miracle of learning to love, showing kindness and compassion and forgiveness. Ask your child about the book! 

Third graders are previewing the book fair today. The students will make a list of books they’d like to purchase, and then we will return tomorrow to buy. You are welcome to accompany your child before school or after school to purchase books. 

As always, please be in touch if you have any questions!