Sukkah Hopping

Hello families,

What a week we’ve had at CJDS!

On Monday, we were lucky enough to go Sukkah hopping in nearby neighborhoods to three different sukkahs belonging to families of CJDS. Our last stop, was at Mariashi’s sukkah! The kids had a different task at each location and were awarded a ‘Proud 2B Jewish’ slap bracelet for completing each one. 

On Tuesday, third graders made their own  sukkah out of twizzlers. Once they cut the pieces into small bits, they had to create a sukkah properly, with sechach on top. They built this on top of a piece of wax paper, then it was covered with an additional piece of wax paper, ironed by Channie or myself, to finally produce a 3D sukkah. 

Today, the kids made an adorable, edible model of the Torah.  Channie presented the kids with an amazingly fun and educational activity to represent the sweetness of the Torah. 

Next week, we’re back to a full, regular week! Whew!