Sukkot in Kitah Aleph

[su_slider source=”media: 9403,9402,9401,9400,9399,9398,9397,9396,9395″ width=”340″ height=”260″ responsive=”no” title=”no” centered=”no” class=”float_right”]September has been filled with so many special days that we don’t want to miss out on celebrating any of them.  This week we left the classroom to venture out to the courtyard to visit the school’s Sukkah and to take part in the ancient Mitzvah of shaking the four types of vegetation.  The Palm branch (lulav), the myrtle (Hadas), the Arava (the willow and the sweet smelling Citron fruit (Etrog).  It brought joy and sweetness to our classroom celebration.

Chag Sameach!

Morah Donna