Sukkot is in the air!

As a quick review of the mitzvot of Sukkot, we played a game in class to see who could come up with as many Sukkot related words as possible in ONE MINUTE!

The students showed that they know all about the three special Sukkot mitzvot:

  1. Sitting in the sukkah
  2. Shaking the lulav
  3. Being happy

In Kitah Dalet we learned the laws of what makes a sukkah kosher. 

Now every student will show that they understand the rules by creating their own sukkah, following a rubrik.

They are all very excited about the project and judging by the diverse materials they already brought in, we will be in for a treat!

Can’t wait to see their finished products!

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Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach!