Super Spellers!

[su_slider source=”media: 9076,9077,9078,9079,9080,9081,9082,9083,9084,9085,9086,9087,9088,9089″ width=”340″ height=”260″ responsive=”no” title=”no” centered=”no” class=”float_right”]We’ve completed our first week of spelling and took the post test today. EVERY SINGLE student scored 100% on the test! They selected quite challenging words, like ‘exaggerate’ and ‘accumulation’ but still managed to get a perfect score on the test!

We’ve also been playing some fun card games in math. Addition Top It, very similar to the card game War, was played by teams. The kids were all very competitive and enjoyed the game! If you have a deck of cards at home, you can play too! Only two players are needed, but up to four can play at one time. Ask your child to explain the directions.

Have a wonderful and restful Labor Day weekend!