Terrific Third Graders!

Thank you to everyone who attended Curriculum Night last week! If you were unable to attend, I sent the handouts home with your child. If you have any questions, please ask!

We are wrapping up the short stories unit of Jacob’s Ladder. Students have illustrated the stories and made up their own themes. I love how insightful the kids are and the themes they come up with- it shows their individual personalities so well!

In writing, third graders are focusing on Ideas- what makes a good writing idea, how to write about the topics the reader wants to know and focusing on one, clear idea. I’ve attached a few sample paragraphs for you to read.

Third graders love choosing challenging spelling words! If your child does not know the meaning of a word, please encourage them to look up the word in a dictionary. We are doing some of this in class, but each student has different words so we may or may not get through all of them in one day.

Tomorrow we are visiting the Carriage Club to sings songs and share Rosh Hashanah cheer! I’ll be sure to post pictures 🙂 

Have a great week!

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