The first two days were a success!

The kiddos have made me so proud these past two days, I am beaming with joy! 🙂  They are already adjusting to the routines, procedures and transitions for 1st grade. We’ve started our assessments and they are really “giving it all they’ve got”. Next week we will continue with assessments and begin math and spelling. The students will receive “spelling words” next week but I will not send them home. I would like to work with them this coming week on what the expectations will be for spelling homework. We will practice in class and discuss different ways to study. So if you hear them say next week “I have a spelling test on Friday”! Please don’t be alarmed and wonder where your child’s spelling words are. We are practicing and studying those words a lot in class to prepare for the test on Friday. The first week in September is when you can expect to see spelling words in their homework folders. By that point they will be familiar with having a spelling test and how to study their words each day.

*If your child tends to get thirsty throughout the day, please feel free to pack a water bottle in their backpack. This way they can get a sip without needing to leave the classroom. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend. Shabbat Shalom!