The First Week In Kitah Gimmel!

It’s been a great first week in Kitah Gimmel!

Both groups successfully figured out the Chidah (riddle)!

As a group they discovered the big theme of the year for Kitah Gimmel.

We unscrambled the letter cards that we received in the mail and came up with the word…….


All that we do in Kitah Gimmel will be done in a SUCCESSFUL way!!

 Working together to figure out the riddle!

CIMG5600 CIMG5593 CIMG5595 CIMG5594

Got it!!!! We can do it בהצלחה!

CIMG5597 CIMG5598 CIMG5602 CIMG5603

We can write it! (Without checking the spelling)

CIMG5609 CIMG5610 CIMG5611 CIMG5608 CIMG5607 CIMG5606

Mazal Tov, Chaya! Yom Huledet Sameach!


Shabbat Shalom!!!!