The Month of Tishrei!

Wow!!! What an amazing first month of school this has been!

The month of Tishrei is chock full of Holidays and celebrations!

  • We started off by creating our Rosh Hashana Take-out complete with the unique Tefillot
  • We continued by preparing our “Guf” (body) and “Lev” (heart) for Yom HaKippurim
  • We then went on to rejoice in the Sukkah
  • And last but not least we get to rejoice with the Torah!!!!!

I think we are ready to take the lessons of these great holidays with us and get into somewhat of a normal routine!!

Below are some Sukkot Shots! Enjoy!

Shaking the Lulav and Etrog!

Shaking the Lulav and Etrog!

CIMG4747 CIMG4751 CIMG4752 CIMG4753 CIMG4754 CIMG4755 CIMG4767 CIMG4768 CIMG4787 CIMG4789 CIMG4790 CIMG4791


                               What a “GRAPE SUKKAH”!