The REAL Heroes of Chanukah!

Welcome to our Chanukah wonderland!  The students are enjoying all the many Chanukah activities in the classroom.

Building with our Bet Hamikdash blocks



Today was my personal favorite.  Sure, most people say that Yehuda and the rest of the Macabbies are the heroes of Chanukah, but I beg to differ.  

When the children were told that schools would be closed due to the Greek decree of not learning the Torah, they didn’t jump and dance for all that extra vacation.  instead, armed with their Sevivonim (dreidels) and their Torah scrolls, they headed for the caves in the hills around the city of Yerushalayim and continued their studies in secret.  If a Greek soldier happened to find one of their hiding spots, they’d hide the scrolls and out would come the Sevivon!

Studying the Torah

The teacher

Uh oh! The soldiers are coming!

Quick! Hide the scrolls!

What are you children doing? We are just playing with these tops.

Shabbat books coming home today!  Please return on Monday.