The Six Days of Creation

Hello Parents,

We spent the past two weeks learning all about how Hashem created the world.  Ask your kindergartner just how He did it.

Here is the link to a song we learned:

Unfortunately, the file with the Hebrew song that we learned is too large to post here, but if you’d like, I can email it to you.

We also created collages on each of the days Hashem created.  Feel free to drop by so that your child can show you which part of the collage they worked on.  Until then, enjoy this slide show of pictures:

Shabbat Shalom![su_slider source=”media: 9769,9768,9767,9766,9765,9764,9763,9762,9761,9760,9759,9758,9757″ height=”400″ responsive=”no” title=”no” pages=”no” class=”float_right”]

Morah Rochel