Third stop: Chevron!

With the holidays behind us and back to a more scheduled routine, we will now continue with our virtual tour of Israel !!!!

From Yam Hamelach we traveled northwest to visit the holy city of Chevron. The city of Chevron is the first Jewish piece of real estate in the land of Israel, Avraham bought it in order to bury his wife, Sarah. The main attraction of Chevron is of course the “Me’arat Hamachpeilah”, the burial site of the famous 4 couples: Adam and Chava, Avraham and Sarah, Yitzchak and Rivkah, Yakov and Leah.

To give ourselves a taste of what it’s like to visit Chevron today we dressed up as members of Tzaha”l (IDF) and went through a checkpoint, a precaution that is necessary nowadays.

As part of the “virtual tour”, we gathered at the “Me’arah” armed with our Siddurim and recited some Psalms together, asking Hashem for the blessing of Shalom for the world.

Enjoy the pictures!

Praying at the “Me’arah”.

cimg6016 cimg6025

Very serious Chayalim!

cimg6020 cimg6029